Taxi Offences

Taxi offence allegations are always of great concern. By their very nature, they always involve the risk of a loss of livelihood. Whether this is a result of a disqualification from driving in a general sense, or whether it is the consequence of a decision by the local authority to revoke a taxi licence, the potential repercussions for the driver’s livelihood can be enormous.

Fortunately, there is often a viable defence in such cases, or at least ways of mitigating the punishment so as to enable taxi drivers to continue to earn a living.

Many of the allegations we deal with at Keep Your Licence, involve allegations of inappropriate soliciting of passengers. It is an offence “in a public place, to solicit persons to hire vehicles to carry them as passengers”.  Proving that a driver was ‘soliciting’ can be very difficult. It requires evidence that the driver approached the passenger, or took some other positive step to acquire custom. If the passenger has approached the driver, then no offence is committed.

We understand that having your taxi licence revoked can hugely impact your life and wellbeing. For that reason, Richard Wood and his team will progress your case as quickly as possible, and we’re on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – whenever you need us. Click here to book your no obligation initial consultation today.


For this reason, it is often possible to effectively cross-examine prosecution witnesses who may have misinterpreted what they saw or heard. This will be in the context of a trial in the Magistrates Court. There is clear legal authority, which can be relied upon in the context of this type of case.

If someone is charged with offences relating to the use of a taxi licence, then there will often be a charge of driving without insurance. This is because insurance covering a public carriage will be conditional upon the taxi driver conducting himself in a lawful fashion. A conviction for a taxi driving offence renders the certificate of insurance valid. If a Defendant successfully defends the taxi driving offence, then he will also be acquitted of driving without insurance. If a taxi licence is revoked, then this decision is often appealable to the Magistrates Court.



A person charged and convicted of this offence is liable to a Level 4 fine, which is anything up to £2,500

Testimonials from previous Taxi Offence clients of Keep Your Licence:

“I am a senior solicitor and Deputy District Judge so I am used to dealing with other lawyers. I found Richard to be admirably helpful and sympathetic. He was able to see the issues clearly and quickly and directed me to to the likely outcome, and what to do practically. I was facing a notice of intended prosecution for dangerous driving which would have meant massively advise consequences for me given my position. Richard’s practical and down to earth approach put the matter into context for me. I was extremely pleased I was able to receive his help so promptly. As another lawyer, I rate Richard’s abilities as very high and competent.”
“I was stopped by the police in London’s West End and was charged with Taxi Touting with no insurance. I was so shocked and I got quite depressed about the situation. I didn’t know where to turn because it is a criminal case and could harm my life and work. A friend referred me to Richard and he took my case on. Richard presented my case so powerfully that I was acquitted. I’m so thankful for the professional and impressive way he tackled my case in court. It was awesome and I will always recommend Richard if someone was trapped with a charge similar to mine.”
Taxi Touting


“Dear Mr Wood, I would like to express my thanks on the successful ending of my court case. Without your determination and hardwork I don’t think I would have won. For this I am eternally grateful.”
Acquitted of Taxi driving offence


Not Sure What to Do?

If you have been charged with a taxi driving related offence, or your licence has been revoked, then we would strongly advise that you give us a call on 0800 0126039 etc or fill out an online enquiry form. We will be able to provide you with free and without obligation advice as to how best to proceed, and secure your livelihood.