Careless Driving

Offence codes: CD10/CD20/CD30/CD40/CD50/CD60/CD70

Careless driving is a serious offence contrary to Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. The prosecution must show that you were driving on a public road or other public place without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other road users. A public place is described as anything or anywhere the general public have unrestricted access to like a supermarket car park.

Each careless driving case is decided, on its, individual facts. The Court will have to decide whether you were exercising the same degree of care and attention that a reasonable and prudent driver would exercise in the same circumstance; in other words, whether your driving fell below the standard of a reasonable and prudent driver.

A typical defence we may present in relation to careless driving offences might be to prove that a collision was the result of another driver’s negligence, or that the Defendant was taking care and that the incident could not have been avoided. We might also include expert evidence involving a reconstruction of the accident concerned.

Does your offence fall under careless driving or dangerous driving? Check the offences codes here.

Careless Driving – Sentencing

If you are convicted of careless driving, then you face 3 to 9 penalty points on your driving licence. You will also face the possibility of a fine and Court Costs. If it is a very serious incident then the Magistrates can impose a discretionary disqualification for whatever period the Court feels is appropriate. In these circumstances, you may want to seriously consider professional legal help.




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“I was looking for a lawyer to mitigate on my behalf, when I was charged with driving without due care and attention. Mr Wood was the only lawyer willing to have a look at my case without a fee. He then advised me to plead not guilty, but I felt I did not stand a chance in court. He explained to me that I had nothing to lose by taking it to court and that he would plead my case. I then got acquitted and was able to keep my licence. I am very grateful for the help and encouragement he gave me because without him, I would have pleaded guilty. He is very professional and I will recommend him to anyone with a road traffic offence.”

SOPHIA OBEYAA DANKWA – Careless driving

“I was charged with driving without due care and attention. Mr Wood was willing to have a look at my case. I was acquitted. Working as a team, Keep Your Licence did a perfect job. I am very thankful to them. I would highly recommend them.”

MR UGIANSKIS – Careless Driving

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You might have been charged with an offence which could take you up to 12 penalty points on your driving licence. You may therefore be a ‘totter’ and subject to mandatory disqualification. Go to exceptional hardship to see what to do.

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