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We regularly write for the Bury Free Press, East Anglian Daily Times, Ipswich Star and Eastern Daily Press as well as in Trade Journals. Here is a selection of some of our online editorials:

An End To Rough Justice On Our Roads

- Dangerous driving or careless driving can become extremely serious, resulting in property damage and in the most serious cases even death. It’s all too often these days that we read in the news and on social media of people being sentenced for dangerous driving after causing death whilst behind the wheel. However, if you think  … Read more


- Drink Driving Article – Published: Bury Free Press Date: 27.03.2015 Drink driving offences are something we often provide advice on here at Keep Your Licence. We do our best to advise our clients on any potential defences they may have to an allegation of ‘driving whilst over the prescribed limit for alcohol’, or ‘driving whilst unfit  … Read more

Driving Without Insurance – Case Study

- We are often, at Keep Your Licence, required to deal with allegations of driving with no insurance or driving without insurance. A case we dealt with recently, involving a professional HGV driver, very neatly brings together many of the issues you are likely to face if charged with driving without insurance. Mr Gilham had no penalty points  … Read more

Expect Changes To Alcohol Limits

- Published: Bury Free Press Date: 28.11.14 A day in the life of the average motorist in England and Wales has become pretty embattled in recent times. However, it seems that things really could get worse. Spare a thought for our motoring comrades to the north of our borders over the festive season, because the annual Christmas ‘crackdown’  … Read more

Flash For Cash Insurance Scam

- This Article recently published in the East Anglian Daily Times and Ipswich Star talks about the ‘Flash for cash’ car insurance scam costing £392m per year. Read the full online version

Important ‘Loophole’ For Taxi Driver Charged with Taxi Touting

- The cases of Young & others v Scampion, and Eastbourne Borough Council v Stirling and another are important for taxi drivers charged with touting on taxi ranks situated on private property. If this applies to you, you might have a defence! We recently represented an Appellant who had been found guilty by Basildon Magistrates Court  … Read more

Insurance Scams Leave Motorists At Risk

- Insurance Scam Article – Published in the East Anglian Daily Times and Ipswich Star in November 2014. The latest insurance scam to hit motorists has been revealed by police. This time it involves the sale of fake car insurance policies. To date, the police have indicated that they have made up to 27 arrests in  … Read more

Motoring Insurance Is Not What It Used To Be – No Really!

- Motor insurance ‘not being what it used to be’ is not just the muttering of a befuddled old motoring lawyer who has got too long in the tooth, who is mistakenly looking back upon a halcyon bygone era of motoring insurance cover. No, there is a real issue here for everyone taking out insurance for their vehicle.  … Read more

Motorists Must Stand Their Ground

- Published: Bury Free Press Date: 26.12.14 Especially at Christmas, I try to be generous towards my fellow man including the police. We all appreciate and respect the police for much of the time. They do a very difficult and valuable job. However, there is a small element amongst the ‘boys in blue’, particularly within motoring enforcement, who  … Read more

New ‘Keep Your Licence’ website launched

- Keep Your Licence and Richard Wood are delighted to announce the launch of the new website. Keep Your Licence has been specialising in dealing with motoring offences and related matters for over a year now. Head of Keep Your Licence, Richard Wood, has been a criminal barrister for 17 years has has extensive experience of handling cases  … Read more

New Drivers To Take Extra Care Of Their Licence

- New Drivers article – Published in the Eastern Daily Press on 29th September 2014.   Passing your test is cause for celebration but under current legislation new drivers have a two-year ‘probationary’ period during which it is much easier to lose your licence. Read the full online article

Police Step on the Gas with Crackdown on Drug Driving

- Published by: Bury Free Press Date: 27.02.2015 Reforms introduced on 2nd March 2015 will mark the biggest change in the police’s approach to drug driving in several decades. Whilst the intention of new legislation is to crackdown on those who drive and take illegal drugs, there are concerns that the new law may also catch  … Read more

Post Code Lottery for Drivers Hours and Tachograph Offences

- Driving Hours and Tachograph offences – Published: East Anglian Daily Times, Eastern Daily Press, Ipswich Star Date: 27.03.2015 One of the improvements that has taken place during my 20 years at the Bar, has been the increase in the availability of sentencing guidelines to the Courts. This has obvious benefits, including that there is a  … Read more

Scots Motorists UK’s Hardest-hit For Speeding In ‘Target Culture’

- Richard Wood provides Daily Mail with legal insight into why motorists are an easy target for prosecution. Read more here

Speeding Fines For Motorists Set To Quadruple

- Speeding Fines Article – Published in the Eastern Daily Press, 17 July 2014. The government has outlined proposals to increase speeding fines to £10,000 for offences committed on the motorway, with the potential for summary cases under the new reforms to be unlimited. Read the full online article outlining the increase to speeding fines in the  … Read more

Taxi Drivers Must Fight for Their Licence

- Taxi Offences – Published by: Bury Free Press Date: 30.01.2015 Local Authorities are becoming ever more vigilant and (dare I say) officious when it comes to the issue of the ’character’ of the cabbie, who are increasingly requiring our help when their private hire Licence’s or hackney carriage Licence’s are refused or revoked on the  … Read more

Taxi Touting: What are the Defences?

- If you are a taxi driver who has been charged with a taxi touting offence, then Keep Your Licence can help you. These charges are often the result of an undercover operation by the police. This was the case with a client we successfully represented quite recently. He was the holder of a private hire  … Read more

Young Drivers Pay Price of Points

- Motoring lawyer Richard Wood on the the real cost of motoring for young drivers. At Keep Your Licence, we hear from a lot of young drivers prosecuted for a variety of motoring offences such as careless driving and speeding. Most common is driving without insurance. Whether they could not afford it or misunderstood the scope of their policy, many  … Read more

Your Guide To Tachograph Offences

- Here at Keep Your Licence, we’re often contacted by client’s accused of committing a tachograph offence and have trouble navigating the offence codes and guidelines. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) – formerly known as the VOSA – is the new governing body in charge of enforcing drivers’ hours’ and ensuring the proper use  … Read more

Mobile Keep Your Licence Client Wins ‘Failing to Stop/Failing to Report’ Case - Cases involving allegations of failing to stop at the scene of an accident and/or failing to report an accident are a very common aspect of Keep Your Licence’s work for clients. Richard Wood recently won a case involving these charges at Willesden Magistrates Court, so we wanted to take this opportunity to share, in Richard’s  … Read more

You’ve Had Your Licence Revoked – Now What? - Having your licence revoked can be a pretty stressful situation, especially if it’s essential for work or family life. So, knowing how to get your driving licence back as quick as possible is vital. Applying for a New Licence If you’ve been disqualified from driving, you can only apply for a new one once your disqualification  … Read more