What Happens if You Fail to Stop and/or Report an Accident?

  It’s bad enough if you fail to stop at the scene of an accident, but it’s twice as bad if you also fail to report it. In the UK, failing to stop and/or reportis considered an offence if you fail to do either, and you could face serious repercussions as a result.   Failing  … Read more

What Does Failing to Provide Driver Details Mean for You?

  If you commit a motoring offence and the police request your details as the driver, you are expected to provide them correctly. Otherwise, you could land yourself a fine, penalty points, or even a prison sentence.   Under section 172 of the Road Traffic Act 1998, a Notice of Intended Prosecution (or NIP) will  … Read more

Careless Driving and Dangerous Driving – The Difference

  If you fall below the minimal standard for driving safely without consideration for other road users, you could face either a careless driving, or dangerous driving charge – but what’s the difference?   You could be charged with careless driving if you’ve been caught:   Tailgating Failing to look properly Breaking suddenly Undertaking Turning  … Read more

Three Mistakes Motorists Commonly Make with Their Mobile Phone

  While not using your mobile phone at the wheel seems obvious to most of us, quite often, for others the lines can get a little blurred. Here are three mistakes that motorists make with their mobile phone at the wheel.   1: Making a Call While Driving   While it may be tempting to  … Read more

Speeding in Bad Weather

  Speeding has become common ground for lots of Brits – and now the weather is beginning to turn for the better, drivers are not as aware as they should be regarding the effects of speeding in bad weather.   For those of us living in the UK, we’ve become accustomed to the ever-changing and  … Read more

Will Driverless Cars Be Given Their Own Motoring Offences?

  The big question – how will driverless cars operate with our motoring laws?   A three-year review by the government is set to take place before driverless cars are introduced onto Britain’s roads in order to consider whether this type of transport will require new motoring offences.   The Law Commission of England and  … Read more

Smart Motorways and The Death by Dangerous Cycling Proposal

  Last year, the UK had a number of new motoring laws put into place, such as, mobile phone offences and speeding. This year however, will see a change in laws such as smart motorways and the proposal of a death by dangerous cycling offence.   Smart Motorways A new law is set to pass  … Read more

New Drivers and The Graduated Driving Licences Proposal

  Night-time Driving Could be Banned Within the first two years of driving, one in four young drivers are involved in an accident [1]. This has been a growing concern for a while now, so, in an act to make Britain’s roads safer, Prime Minister Theresa May, has asked for a graduated driving licence to  … Read more

Tired Drivers Vs. the New 2018 Tachograph Laws

As of 5th March 2018, DVSA traffic examiners will be able to issue on-the-spot fines to any large vehicle (i.e. bus, HGV or coach) driver for any drivers’ hours offences committed within the preceding 28 days. An examiner can now issue fines of up to five drivers’ hours offences, so if you’ve been accused for  … Read more

The Effects of DUI

Statistics show that more young people are committing drug driving offences year on year in the UK. But what about driving under the influence of legal drugs?   Illegal Vs. Legal   Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is against the law, for both illegal and legal drugs. If you have a certain number of legal  … Read more

The Winter Crackdown on Drink Driving

Over the Christmas and New Year period, the Scottish police force was campaigning to put a stop to drink driving, but sadly, no one appeared to listen. Of the 15,771 drivers stopped during the festive campaign, 567 were charged with drink driving1. That may not seem an awful lot, but considering how dangerous the offence  … Read more

Seven Motoring Offences You May Not Know Are Illegal

  While driving, it’s usually pretty obvious to tell what you can do and what you can’t. But if you don’t know The Highway Code inside and out, sometimes the lines can get blurred.   Below is a list of motoring offences most people don’t realise are illegal:   Giving way to an emergency vehicle  … Read more

April 2018: Road Tax Changes

  As of April 2018, diesel buyers are going to experience a rise in tax for up to £500 on their new vehicles.   Under Chancellor Hammond’s Autumn Budget, diesel cars will go up a VED band if they do not reach the Euro 6 standards. Therefore, you could pay anything from £15 to £500  … Read more

Tis The Season of Drug and Drink Driving

  As Christmas gets closer and closer, festive spirits get higher and higher; as do statistics for drink driving and DUI.   The Warwickshire Police Awareness Campaign The Warwickshire Police Force has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the issues surrounding drug driving and drink driving, and their consequences. The campaign supports the month-long  … Read more

Speeding Offences: Slow Down, Make Space and Move On

  A new campaign by the RAC is due, based on the slogan, ‘slow down, make space and move on’. It can be hard to encourage drivers to reduce their speed, so, in the hope of reducing major accidents caused by speeding drivers on the hard shoulder, the campaign instead advises to increase the gap  … Read more

Driving Test Changes: All You Should Know

    You may have heard from a relative or friend what you should expect in your driving test, but as of December 4th of this year, there are some changes to the way the invigilator assesses you that you should take note of.  The five parts to the test for both automatic and manual cars are as follows:  An eyesight check – if you fail this, then  … Read more

With a New Year Comes a New Drug Driving Charge

  Whether it’s prescription medicine or an illegal substance you’ve consumed at a New Year’s party or celebration, you should know that drug driving is a serious offence. In the eyes of the law, it is illegal to drive if you’re unfit to do so – this could be because you have illegal, or even  … Read more

Driving Without Insurance: The Penalties

  Just last year, 145,000 vehicles were seized in the UK for driving without insurance. Recently, Scottish police have been targeting motorists in the hope of bringing down the number of uninsured drivers on the road.   Why is insurance actually needed? You may be asking yourself just that, but when something you don’t expect  … Read more

Driving Disqualifications and Exceptional Hardship

  As winter makes its presence known more and more, losing your driving licence can be pretty rough. If you’ve totted up 12 or more penalty points within a 3-year period, in some cases you may be able to argue exceptional hardship and retain your right to drive.   What Does Exceptional Hardship Mean? Each  … Read more

Careless Driving and The Winter Dangers

Driving without due care and attention when road conditions are good is bad enough, but when you add snow and ice into the mix, careless driving enters into whole new levels of danger. The Facts If you are found to have lacked competence or care on the road, you can expect a Fixed Penalty Notice,  … Read more

You’ve Had Your Licence Revoked – Now What?

Having your licence revoked can be a pretty stressful situation, especially if it’s essential for work or family life. So, knowing how to get your driving licence back as quick as possible is vital. Applying for a New Licence If you’ve been disqualified from driving, you can only apply for a new one once your disqualification  … Read more

Speeding Offences: Cameras and Fines

  As of April this year, a new speeding law has been enforced. This ensures that both minimum and maximum speed is taken into account, with new rules over how much drivers are charged.   Speedometers Aren’t Always Accurate   Not every car’s speedometer reads at the same degree of accuracy. Police allow 10% to  … Read more

New Drivers vs Elderly Drivers

  There is a key difference between the treatments of new drivers and elderly drivers – new drivers are being encouraged to take their driving test and obtain their driving licence, whereas elderly drivers are being deterred from driving due to the stigma attached to being elderly and still driving late into life. This stigma  … Read more

Do’s and Don’ts for Mobile Phone Usage

  As you may well know, it was already illegal to drive while using your mobile phone. However, back in March of this year, stricter penalties came into force. Penalty Points for Mobile Phone Offences If you’ve been charged for a mobile phone offence, either because you were caught using your hand-held device behind the  … Read more

Tachograph Offences and Drivers’ Hours

  What is a Tachograph? A tachograph is a device that is fitted in the cab of trucks and buses to record information about driving time, speed and distance. One of these devices is a must-have if you’re driving under EU or AETR rules, but you won’t need one if your vehicle isn’t covered by EU  … Read more

What Exactly is a ‘Special Reasons’ Argument?

In some cases, there may be special reasons as to why the court should make an exception in your case – in these circumstances it may be possible to avoid compulsory driving disqualification or penalty points on your licence. Special reasons can only be considered if you provide evidence under oath to convince the Magistrates  … Read more

Failure to Provide Driver Information – Section 172 Offence

If you have been involved in a road traffic incident such as speeding or careless driving and did not stop at the scene of the accident, you could receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution as this is a Section 172 offence.   What to Expect When accused of a Section 172 offence, this may either  … Read more

Dangerous Driving vs Careless Driving

Careless driving is defined as a person driving carelessly or inconsiderately, when the way the person drives falls below the minimal acceptable standard expected of a competent and careful driver. Examples of careless driving: Overtaking on the inside (undertaking) Driving too close to another vehicle (tailgating) Driving through a red light by mistake Turning into  … Read more

Your Guide to Taxi Offences

Taxi Driver Vs Normal Licence Holder Having penalty points on your licence can be a big deal, especially when it’s vital for your work. When a taxi driver’s licence is revoked, it can be extremely damaging to their career, and they may lose their employment as a taxi driver. Due to the amount of time  … Read more

What You Must Do if You Have a Road Traffic Accident

If you are the driver of the vehicle that is involved in a Road Traffic Accident and any of the following occur, you must stop and supply anyone at the scene (who reasonably asks) with your name, your address, the vehicle owner’s name and address, and the vehicle registration: If anyone has suffered an injury  … Read more

What is Exceptional Hardship?

Don’t be a Totter A large amount of Britain’s car users acquire a disqualification or a driving ban due to ‘totting’. But what is totting? A driver is considered a ‘totter’ when they have collected 12 penalty points or more within a three-year period – exceptional hardship may be argued here. For those who travel  … Read more

Driving Without Insurance – What You Need to Know

No matter if you have a full drivers licence or a provisional drivers licence, if you are driving without insurance, you could be sentenced. Even if the car itself is insured, it does not necessarily mean that you are insured to drive it. Car insurance within the UK is a legal requirement, but that’s not  … Read more

What is a Motoring Offence?

A motoring offence can occur when a UK Driving Licence holder breaks the law. This can be either through: driving without insurance; drug driving; drink driving or dangerous driving. Factors like illegal or defective tires, mobile phone usage while driving and failing to report an accident, all breach the law and can get you convicted  … Read more

New Speeding Laws Explained

The Penalties You May Confront   April 2017 saw the introduction of significantly harsher speeding fines. There are now two ways speeding offences are dealt with; a fixed penalty notice which automatically presents you with three penalty points and a £100 speeding fine. However, if you have to go to court the consequences have become  … Read more