Richard Wood of Keep Your Licence, is a barrister with over 20 years’ experience, providing expert motoring law advice and representation in court for those charged with motoring offences.


For those charged with a motoring offence such as careless driving, speeding, failing to stop at the scene of an accident, or dangerous driving, or for those who have had their driving licence revoked on medical grounds and who wish to appeal, it can be a frightening experience:

  • It is likely to be one of the only times you will have dealt with the police or the courts, which is bound to be very unsettling;
  • You will be concerned about disqualification from driving and the loss of your driving licence which is, as for us all, an important aspect of an independent and flexible lifestyle;
  • You will be worried about the implications for your current and future career if you are to be disqualified from driving (or if your driving licence has been revoked on medical grounds), especially if you are someone who drives for a living (e.g. bus or taxi driver), or if travelling is an important aspect of your job description e.g. if you are a salesperson;
  • You will be uncertain about the financial implications of a fine, and the impact of the other sorts of penalties available to the courts upon conviction (such as penalty points on your driving licence).


Richard Wood of Keep Your Licence will help you with all of these concerns:

  • He will guide you through the processes involved with dealing with the police, courts or the DVLA (if your licence has been revoked). It can appear daunting and scary at first, but it is simply a question of working through the problem with the benefit if experience;
  • Disqualification from driving is always a major worry for clients, but it can often be avoided in cases of speeding, careless driving and failing to stop at the scene of an accident. Richard will help you to avoid disqualification when possible;
  • The courts are always prepared to listen to arguments relating the potential impact of penalties in defendants, such as the loss of employment, or the loss of mobility for those with physical disabilities. Richard will be able to show you how to best strengthen these points with evidence, and deliver the arguments in court on your behalf;
  • If your driving licence has been revoked by the DVLA on medical grounds, Keep Your Licence will advise you as to whether it is appropriate to appeal the decision, and will argue your case before the court in the strongest possible way, as well as liaising with the DVLA on your behalf.
  • Richard Wood represents clients on flexible terms, usually on a fixed fee basis. He represents clients all over the country and does not charge for travel time or expenses. So, it doesn’t matter where you are, he will help you to deal with your problem. Keep Your Licence has offices in London, Norwich, Birmingham and Chelmsford.


Other Benefits of using Keep Your Licence:

  • Richard is approachable and listens to you, making you feel at ease at a time of difficulty and stress.
  • Keep Your Licence can be contacted by telephone, email or text 24/7; and will return your messages as quickly as possible.
  • No legal jargon. Richard make things easy to understand as he specialises in motoring law.
  • You don’t have to explain your case to another lawyer or Barrister as the same person will usually be dealing with your case from the first telephone enquiry, to the last moment in court.


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Richard Wood is dedicated to providing exceptional service and with over 20 years of experience and has the ability to guide you through the complex and daunting legal process – Why not read what others have to say about the way they have been helped by Keep Your Licence.


“I was looking for a lawyer to mitigate on my behalf when I was charged with driving without due care and attention. Mr Wood was the only lawyer willing to have a look at my case without a fee. He then advised me to plead not guilty but I felt I did not stand a chance in court… He explained to me that I had nothing to lose by taking it to court and that he would plead my case… I then got acquitted and was able to keep my licence. I am very grateful for the help and encouragement he gave me because without him, I would have pleaded guilty. He is very professional and will recommend him to anyone with a road traffic offence.” (SOPHIA OBEYAA DANKWA; Careless Driving 2012).


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